Websites for artists
Websites for artists

Our service

There is in long contract or up front costs. Simply have a website at this incredible price whenever or for however long you need it. No hidden costs, no costly upgrade features, quite simply a beautiful website in minutes with no hassle with a free one week trial period.

Who are we?

Wotwebsite is a collaboration between professional artists and experts in all things internet.  Created to bring design clarity to artists’ websites, to offer a simple and powerful set of tools to help artists get online with the minimum of difficulty and to put downward pressure on the costs associated with starting an online presence.

What is good artist website design?

The secret to good design, in relation to artists’ websites, is in effect, no design. Just as you wouldn’t ornate a gallery space before an exhibition, nor should the artist’s website transmit distracting subliminal messages. It should be a place where the art shines and the space takes second fiddle! That is why we offer one expertly designed and coded template that can be customised in a variety of ways and that is Mobile and tablet ready.

Photographers have the very specific requirement to display their online images on a black background, this has more to do with the screen illuminating the photographic work than redundant design considerations. For this reason, Wotwebsite’s template can be changed to a black background.

About our websites

Our website service hosting is designed specifically for the small artist website. There is no reason to pay extortionate fees for your website hosting. Our prices are simply the most competitive and our websites tailored to fit the design and functionality needs of the contemporary artist.

Why choose Wotwebsite?

We bring the power of WordPress to bear on the artists website. As professional artists are behind Wotwebsite every thinking process has attempted to understand the needs of artists in a competitive world.

We offer one beautifully crafted template that you can be customize just how you like, one powerful tool, a newsletter to keep in touch with your audience and one incredible price!

Website Space?

We believe in good website housekeeping!  Most artists upload images to their websites without any regard for the size of the uploaded image. Images take up space and if each image uploaded is 2 MB then quite quickly space is eaten into. Large images also affect the page download time and high quality images are easily downloaded and copyrights infringed. Wotwebsite restricts the size of uploaded images to 1MB.  We offer an initial 50 MB of space for each website. With good image management you could display up to 100 images. It does not stop there! We have a flexible attitude to space and if you require more we give an additional 50MB at no extra cost. Just ask!

Professional Artists

Our website for professional artists is an incredibly modest £1.00 per Week, Free for the first week, no up front costs, so that you can get a feel for if it is right for you or not. If not, simply cancel your subscription. Weekly subscription means that you can run a website for any short length of time.

Basic art website

Our other option is perfect for art students at an incredible price of £0.30 per Week. This option does not include the email subscription option but we think art students are less likely to require it.

Level Price
Newsletter Website £1.00 per Week. After your initial payment, your first payment is Free. Select
Website set up £65.00 now and then £0.60 per Week. Select
Basic art website, ideal for art students £0.30 per Week. After your initial payment, your first payment is Free. Select

Getting started

  1. Sign up and select your preferred payment plan. We can then create your website space and you can start to build you website. This can take 24 hours so please be patient. Once it is ready we will let you know.
  2. When you are ready you will also need a domain name. To make the process seamless we encourage artists to purchase their domains from our provider here. This makes the setting up your website much easier for us.

If you already own a domain somewhere else and want to use it, you will first need to point it to Wotwebsite. This is quite easy, simply login to your domain account and look for anywhere that refers to, “Name Server”.  Change them to the below. This will then point your domain to us.

This can take 24 hours to propagate. Let us know when you have done this and we can then add your domain to your space.

Name Server 1:
Name Server 2:
Name Server 3:

How do I cancel payments?

To cancel you subscription. Simply login to your Paypal account and cancel your subscription. We do not take credit card details, these are handled through Paypal and Paypal makes it very easy to cancel.

Your admin panel

We have streamlined our admin panel to create an intuitive and simple way to manage your website. There is no need to pay webmasters for every update and new image you need to upload.

We populate your website with placeholder images making it very easy for you to see where you need to edit and what images you need to swap with your own.Our Templates many styles

Our Templates many styles